What we do, is who we are.

My name is Devin Z. Brooks.... & this is what i would like to do with my life.... because there ain't nothing to it but to do it... so we do it funky... by making something out of nothing.

Here at www.indycint.com, we aim to provide Alternative Event Production.... to put it simply, we are here to help with the Audio/Visual side of your event... to help create & maintain an atmosphere.

Live Sound Reinforcement & Mood Lighting for Bands, Djs, Musicians, Comedians & Public Speakers.

March 30, 2014

inaugural blog

our very first indycint blog.

"We are indycint... Alternitive Event Production... we can help you with your event planning/coordination.... from finding a venue & booking a date for your special event... to realizing your dreams are simply a different kind of reality. ... naturally."

-Devin Z. Brooks